From Birmingham To Laguna… What the Hell

So you probably thought I was a native of Laguna, well if that is the case you got another thing coming. Alaguna beach slide show surfer from Birmingham Alabama, well stranger things have happened. Nothing against the natives of Laguna, they are truly some of the nicest laid back people I have ever met. You see friends it doesn’t take much to get you to Laguna, hell the name even is inviting. The back story on my here to there story starts with a well respected Birmingham man I have known for years, J.C., he is a businessman in a suburb of the ‘ham called Hoover. Proud owner of the best heating and ac business in Hoover by the way.  Well J.C. had taken a long and well deserved vacation to Laguna Beach. He planned it all out, talked my ear off

about how much he needed this vacation and finally off he went. Didn’t hear a peep out of him for several weeks. Thought crossed my mind more than once that he might not even come back.
Well let me tell you, when he did come back he apparently had such an outstanding trip, he set up a welcome home party for himself. Invited several of us over for a slide show of his trip. Only J.C. would get his pics turned into slides. Who in Gods name uses slides anymore. I gotta say it was quite nostalgic.
Slide after slide after slide. Stunning pictures of Laguna skipped across the screen. I was immediately impacted. I have never seen nor been to such an inviting place. The hills, the coves, the stillwaters it was breathtaking. This simple little slide show was no longer so simple. It lit a fire in my gut… I had to find a way, any way to live in Laguna. I had to end my day with that sunset on that beach.
A romantic I was not, but how J.C. described the people and the atmosphere was just too hard to resist. Damn, I didn’t have anything holding me in the south. I look back now and I have not one regret on the 16 months of planning my move. It has been more than I had hoped for.
So again I say to you, “No I am not a native” but I am here with fresh eyes and a loud voice to spread the word of the surf here on Laguna Beach. We are just getting started…just wanted to let you guys know where and how I got started at the best place I know, Laguna Beach.



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