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The Other Laguna Beach…A sea lover’s paradise!


Laguna floridaMost people don’t know this, but there are two Laguna beaches one in California and the other one in Florida. I have to admit when I thought of Laguna beach I thought of Laguna Beach California.  But recently an old acquaintance of mine who lives in Alabama named Jacob Hyche who also owns a company called Birmingham Star Lawns told about this small beautiful haven (Laguna Beach Florida) I just had to travel there to see what the fuss was all about.

A step back in time….


From Birmingham to Laguna.. what the hell

So you probably thought I was a native of Laguna, well if that is the case you got another thing coming. Alaguna beach slide show surfer from Birmingham Alabama, well stranger things have happened. Nothing against the natives of Laguna, they are truly some of the nicest laid back people I have ever met. You see friends it doesn’t take much to get you to Laguna, hell the name even is inviting. The back story on my here to there story starts with a well respected Birmingham man I have known for years, J.C., he is a businessman in a suburb of the ‘ham called Hoover. Proud owner of the best heating and ac business in Hoover by the way.  Well J.C. had taken a long and well deserved vacation to Laguna Beach. He planned it all out, talked my ear off


SUP the new the old are back again..

SUP aka Stand up Paddling/ Surfing. Well you can’t expect me to go straight to the big kahuna. We got to start slow on this surf board peeps. You can search far and wide to find the origins of Stand up Paddling. We surely can invision this method of travel going back thousands of years. Human beings have been off all fours for some time now. It would be a little more than arrogant to think we just figured out stand up paddling in the last 80 years.

Just think of the advantages this brings to the hunter gatherer back in the day, a 1000 years ago or so.


We Start at the end.. the end of each day.

How am I to transfer such beauty in the written word. I speak of the ball of fire in the sky at the end of each perfect day on Laguna. I sit here trying to count the countless shades of orange and yellow that swirl in the peaceful orb called the sun.Laguna fin sun

Where in this universe can we find the knowledge to mix such colors as effortlessly as the Laguna sky does at each days end. If the hands of da Vinci had his shot at mixing such warmth, he would fail.

Even greater than the sphere of fire itself is the reflection of itself of the waves. Not perfectly mirrored but chopped light mixes with white caps creating new shades never the same and constantly shifting.


Hello Laguna

Getting started, check back real soon and we will have this page moving and shakin….